Define Love

Merriam Webster: strong affection for another arising out
of kinship or personal ties; affection based on admiration,
benevolence, or common interests; an assurance of affection;
warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion.
Is it really? Or has that definition wilted away?
So… what is love.

Love is a word thrown around often.
“I love his hair”
“I love his sweater”
“I love him so much this couldn’t get any better!”

But then the next day, you find evidence he cheated.
And you repeated that very line I just stated above except
changed love to hate and better to worse.

It was love though right?
Out with the old and in with the new?
I stand to correct you.

Love is not like the trash icon on your laptop.
You cant take love and slap it in the trash because you decided it was junk
and then realize you want to recover it the next day.
Thank goodness it didn’t empty out right?
You can just pull it back into your life at any moment.
Thank goodness, love is awesome.
How convenient.

Nice try.
Convenience and love do not like each other.
With love,
You do not have that freedom.
You do not pick and choose when your emotions
will hit you like an NFL player just tackled you.
You are a small particle compared to your infinite
opportunities to give and receive this so called love.

Love is when you look at a person
and literally think to yourself:

“Wow. If she was diagnosed with
cancer I would rather have it be me.
Please, so she doesn’t
have to see the hospital as her home
and have her doctor on her phone’s speed
dial for the times she just doesn’t feel quite right
and no one in sight has the capability to assist her needs”

“I wish I would have warned her
about that guy, but I was anxious and shy,
and worried she would think I wasn’t being supportive”

“I wish I could just tell her how I feel
and just be real but I am scared
our relationship will be impaired”

“I wish I could make him smile but
I feel like my mouth has been going
a thousand miles a minute and
I just can’t win his happiness.
And I don’t have a clue on what to
do but you bet your bottom
dollar I wish I knew”

You see, love,
is so beautiful. And yet at the same
time, with or without love you still feel
regret, pain, suffering, insecurity,
and a lot of other negative emotions.

But that is just it.
Love is when it trumps over all the negative emotions.
Love is when nothing else matters because its genuine.
Love is when you strive to make that special someones
life better instead of focusing on your own.
Love is when you don’t moan and groan about your issues alone
but sob and blow your nose in a billion tissues because you
need to just let it out and because your friend or spouse or
brother is so loving and kind, he listens to your issues,
and seems to have the capabilities to understand whats
going on in your mind,
all I have to say to you is love

I am a flawed human.
With problems.
Problems x infinity.
But I am here to state love is worth it.

Love is a way to restore relationships.
To prove to yourself and others that you matter.
To prove to yourself and others you have feelings
To prove to yourself you are unique
To prove to yourself you are imperfect but that
it is 110% a ok!

*Beep Beep*

Text from Will:
“Hey I am at the store, can I get you anything while I am here?”

As soon as I see that I smile and blush.
Girl, this text is about groceries why are you smiling?
Because he cares.
Sure he does.
Think about it,  if he didn’t care he wouldn’t have asked.


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